Editors and Contributors

The DynaMed team includes global leaders in many facets of medical informatics, an extensive network of clinical experts and a large team of methodological experts. This is a team who is committed to improving access to the best available evidence at the point of care, to providing the best guidance with minimization of undue influence and committed to doing this in the best way possible.

Editorial Leadership

The DynaMed Plus Editorial Leadership team is made up of clinicians in a broad range of specialties.

Editorial Team

The editorial team is organized to combine multidisciplinary expertise to manage content dynamically and continuously improve. The editorial team combines the skills, experience, and expertise from clinicians, pharmacists, allied health professionals (such as dietitians and physical therapists), scientists, epidemiologists, medical librarians, and specialized medical writing and editing staff.

Specialty Editorial Board

An extensive network of clinical experts, organized by specialty, provides editorial support for selecting evidence and guidance for summarization, and confirming clinical applicability of content. Clinical experts are selected primarily by demonstrated leadership in their field without excessive conflicts of interest.

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